Fresh jasmine growing in your yard, emanating that luscious fragrance your nose always seems to catch every time you walk by.


..and Powerpuff Girls reruns.




The whole point of this picture is to show the LED lighted hand rail.

I’m easily amused!


What is it about pretty shiny buildings that look like they jumped out straight from a 3D rendering software? About red and white and gray? About louvres and direct sunlight? About architecture and space? What is it about those things that can make me feel, above all oddity, utterly happy?


I spent my early childhood tinkering with mom’s sewing kit. The highlight of my primary school years was when I became an expert at basting and made a stack of napkins. In junior high, I learned to crochet; in college, knit; then embroider. I suppose there is something about sewing that attracts me. The thought of how a single needle moves through space, and in the process of doing so – transform a plain piece of fabric into something else, to give it depth and volume, to fold it and twist it and make it come alive.


There is a stack of ruffles on my table.

Moomin crackers I received in the mail the other day.

I didn’t know such things exist!


Connecting The Dots

The relationship between fashion and architecture is not a particularly oblique one. Both are based on structure, shape and prettying up basic necessities – clothes and shelter. The relationship between fashion and architects is less discussed. Yet even a glance at your garden-variety modern architect proves this is a group who are just as style-conscious as fashion designers.