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I spent my early childhood tinkering with mom’s sewing kit. The highlight of my primary school years was when I became an expert at basting and made a stack of napkins. In junior high, I learned to crochet; in college, knit; then embroider. I suppose there is something about sewing that attracts me. The thought of how a single needle moves through space, and in the process of doing so – transform a plain piece of fabric into something else, to give it depth and volume, to fold it and twist it and make it come alive.

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In Bloom

I was down at Houston this past weekend when I realized that my favorite flower is currently in bloom. Okay, one of my favorite flowers. I seem to have a long list of this and it practically changes every year =P.

So, what flower is in bloom, you may ask?  This flower:


The name is Agapanthus. It may not sound too familiar to you, but its other name is Lily of the Nile. It’s a perennial flower – meaning it only blooms once a year, around May to June. Colors are in shades of blue and white.

Isn’t this just gorgeous?

agapanthus allee

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Laundry Day


It was near noon when the sight of assorted fabrics all crumpled up and piled high in the basket began to irritate me. I heaved a heavy sigh and proceeded with the menial task I’ve been dreading for the past couple of weeks. I don’t despise the labor as much as the waiting. The moment you drop those coins into the slots, the loss of freedom emulates itself. For the next, what – 90 minutes? roughly?, you find your eyes darting back and forth to the clock. You’re suddenly a slave, tied up to Father Time. Which is not always a bad thing and we perhaps should consider ourselves lucky because that clean fresh smell that welcomes you as you open the dryer door? That’s not all that bad for a day’s wage, is it?



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