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Hallelujah! I finished reading Wuthering Heights! Finally, right? I have so many books I want to read I would probably have to retire in order to finish them all.

Anyway, since I have spare time these days, I decided to pick up the brush and started painting again. And you know what’s strange? That after 5 years, everything still came back to me as if I’ve been painting all along. Is this what people call second nature?

So cross your fingers now, and pray that I don’t splatter kimchi all over and ruin my first painting. Because you know, I can be clumsy like that.

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I picked up this book last weekend. With Lynda Barry as editor, it sounded very promising to me. And guess what, it’s true. The book delivers, and the content is just as delightful as the promise. Anthologies can be boring at times, but this one has enough discoveries to keep me at my toes. I’m also glad that Cathy Malkasian and Gene Yang made the cut! They so deserve it. And don’t forget, Eleanor Davis did a great job for the cover.

New favorites to watch out for from now on: Graham Annable, David Axe, Shawn Cheng.


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I want to read/borrow/have these books, thank you.

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