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Chocolate Galore

Weekend was spent making chocolate-covered strawberries.




And my friend gave me this flower chocolate,
which coincidentally matches my painting exactly!

How random is that? ūüôā



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Meet Mr. Cardinal,
and meet my lunch.


I’ve been sort of addicted to this Chinese dry noodle
so making Mie Ayam Bakso seemed like a perfect excuse.

And I still can’t decide
if this Smiley Potatoes is cute or freaky.


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Hellow Yellow



I think there are two great moments in painting.

One is when you land that first stroke on a blank canvas.
Two is when you put your signature on the bottom right corner.



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Running With Whiteboard


I’ve been teaching an evening class for 4 weeks now. At the beginning it was, well, terrifying. I spent hours trying to rehearse the sentences in my head, making sure I covered all grounds and¬†embraced myself for the worst. But it turned out that it wasn’t that bad. Just like most of the other fears that you have to conquer in life, once you take the plunge, it’s all free falling from there. I’m¬†starting to loosen up now, and while the preparation of material is still mandatory, I don’t get too obsessed with it anymore.¬†And in fact¬†everything has¬†become¬†kind of enjoyable, save for those times when the students ask questions and I don’t have the answer, lol.¬†Oh well, baby steps, right? Baby steps. Think of it as a… trial run. You know, just in case I make up my mind and get that PhD in Architecture History or something.

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On My List


Hallelujah! I finished reading Wuthering Heights! Finally, right? I have so many books I want to read I would probably have to retire in order to finish them all.

Anyway, since I have spare time these days, I decided to pick up the brush and started painting again. And you know what’s strange? That after 5 years, everything still came back to me as if I’ve been painting all along. Is this what people call second nature?

So cross your fingers now, and pray that I don’t splatter kimchi all over and ruin my first painting. Because you know, I can be clumsy like that.

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Laundry Day


It was near noon when the sight of assorted fabrics all crumpled up and piled high in the basket began to irritate me. I heaved a heavy sigh and proceeded with the menial task I’ve been dreading for the past couple of weeks. I don’t despise the labor as much as the waiting. The moment you drop those coins into the slots, the loss of freedom emulates itself. For the next, what – 90 minutes? roughly?, you find your eyes darting back and forth to the clock. You’re suddenly a slave, tied up to Father Time.¬†Which is not always a bad thing¬†and we¬†perhaps should consider¬†ourselves lucky because¬†that clean fresh smell that welcomes you as you open the dryer door? That’s¬†not all¬†that bad for¬†a day’s¬†wage, is it?



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