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What is it about pretty shiny buildings that look like they jumped out straight from a 3D rendering software? About red and white and gray? About louvres and direct sunlight? About architecture and space? What is it about those things that can make me feel, above all oddity, utterly happy?

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Connecting The Dots

The relationship between fashion and architecture is not a particularly oblique one. Both are based on structure, shape and prettying up basic necessities – clothes and shelter. The relationship between fashion and architects is less discussed. Yet even a glance at your garden-variety modern architect proves this is a group who are just as style-conscious as fashion designers.


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Envy of The Day

Martha’s Craft Room

Here’s a tour of Martha Stewart’s own attic craft room. I’m usually indifferent about attic rooms – they always look claustrophobic to me, but this one is still great nonetheless.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.









Note to self: Must buy kraft paper dispenser.



Martha’s sewing machine is hooked up to a computer, which reads a CD-ROM of patterns that she purchased and translates them into thread, as on this set of napkins.



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Hola Orla!

Hullo, ladies and gents.

Today’s topic would be the new Orla Kiely collection from Target.

This may sound like blasphemy, but for the most part I only like it – not love it. Don’t get me wrong now, I worship Orla Kiely as much as everybody else out there. It’s just that in this collaboration with Target, they choose to lower the quality and I think it’s about high time that I move on to a more refined taste in dinnerware. Real porcelain – yes, melamine with fruity pattern – no.

Having said that, I really really like the canisters, the mugs, the 2-tier tray and of course – the apron. And as we speak, I’m debating if I should get the floor mat to replace the shaggy pinkish one we currently have in the bathroom.

And here are some of the items, though I have to add they look muuuch better in person than on your screen.




Images from AT

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