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To Trash Or Not To Trash

There is a saying that goes: One man’s art is another man’s trash. Okay, maybe there isn’t such saying, but you know what I mean.


For the past few weeks I’ve been reorganizing my possession and that’s when I rediscovered all my old artworks. These collection of drawings and collages are dated from about 8 years back, and most of them are quite ugly. So I asked myself, “Self, are these art? Or are these junk?”, and I couldn’t seem to come up with an answer.

Part of me wants to treasure them for memento’s sake, but the other part thinks that’s beyond ridiculous. Hence proceeds all the hemming and the hawing. At the end I’m deciding to trash them anyway, but I promise I will make myself take a complete documentation before I bid them adieu. Fair enough, yes?

And how about you when it comes to your possession? Are you a hopeless nostalgic who hoard everything? Or are you ruthless and practical and the dumpster is your bestfriend?

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Good Job


Last week I spilled pixie dust all over my room.

Remind me to vacuum them later.



Can you believe January is almost over?

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No, No! Domino, No!



Domino magazine to fold as well.


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