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Gobble gobble


My mouth waters in anticipation of tomorrow. As per usual, I’m the designated casserole lady, so I’ll be making Green Bean Casserole and Broccoli Rice Cheese.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Luggage Tags, pt. 1

Here they are!

Gave the blue pair to my roommate – she’s currently traveling to Japan and Indonesia. The rest are somewhat influenced by the season’s colors. One pair will be sent to the West Coast tomorrow, and the other pair I’m planning to keep.

Am thinking to make some more after I’m back from vacation. [Edit: Will make 3 or 4 more pairs for friends who had expressed their interest]

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Luggage Tags, pt. 0

What an exhausting weekend.

Managed to finish the first pair of luggage tags though, and even practiced with my new camera! Too bad I still can’t figure out how to upload the pictures. And my SD reader can’t read an SD-HC, as it turns out. Boo. Anyway, will give the tags to my friend during dinner later tonight. Do you think one hour is enough to dress up, put make-up on, AND wrap the tags? Hmm? Probably not.

Speaking of gift wrapping, I’ve always been awed by the stark simplicity of kraft paper and baker’s twine.


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My friend loves the pouch (better than the actual gift)!

I wonder where to get some clear vinyls. Am planning to make luggage tags next. For friends and myself. Vacation in two weeks!

And debating whether to give hand-made things away for Christmas. Too much work, maybe.

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