For great picnic weather and tiny little budding flowers at the end of September.



There is a patch of grassy mound behind the gym,

and there wild mushrooms sprouted after a rain.


Sleeping Mask #10-13

For Inex in Australia! 🙂

For Carey in MD.

For a birthday party. Made Amelie’s a little different because she’s the birthday girl. Sydney and Isabel were to be identical since they are twins, and I went a little too OCD and made sure all the buttons were in the same direction, LOL.

Name Garland No. 5

For Lisa in TX.


No.3 – Alexander

Commissioned for Jane in London


No.4 – Elaine

Gift for a friend’s daughter.

A few months back, I was tinkering with the idea of creating a hand-made card when it hit me how much I love working with wood. Those years in architecture school definitely taught me how to love sandpaper! So I started making hand-drawn cards.. on plywood.

Here’s to give you the idea how the process went:

This one was custom-made for a friend’s birthday. I have more cards in my Etsy store under Wood Cards, if anyone wants to see. Okay, Gotta go now. Got more sewing to do!