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A little gift for a little man

Baby Garland - Ezekiel

Dear Baby Zeke,

Merry First Christmas.


Auntie D

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Where I confess of ripping off Anthropologie

Saw this grandiflora hairpin the other week at Anthropologie,


and knew in a heartbeat that I could make a similar one my own.

So I did.

Pink hairpin

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Bethany Beach
Originally uploaded by dianosaurus!

We went to the Mid-Atlantic area the week before Thanksgiving. Fresh seafood, cold strolls at the beach, and colonial buildings – that pretty much summed it up. I had fun playing with my camera, and experienced for the first time the huge task of hauling it around. Plus, I was so wise I insisted to bring my tripod along. I used it for like, umm, ten minutes.

Anyway, I fell sick right after Thanksgiving Day. I spent half of the long weekend in bed (The other half making hot tea and rice porridge). Thankfully, I’m feeling much, much better now, I even started sewing again. I’m crossing all my twenty fingers I’ll get these done before Christmas. Cross yours too!

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