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Connecting The Dots

The relationship between fashion and architecture is not a particularly oblique one. Both are based on structure, shape and prettying up basic necessities – clothes and shelter. The relationship between fashion and architects is less discussed. Yet even a glance at your garden-variety modern architect proves this is a group who are just as style-conscious as fashion designers.



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He Called It A Costume

Real conversation:

M : So, where did you get your costume? (gesturing towards my clothes)
D : Your wife.
M : What?
D : Your wife gave it to me. This was hers.
M : But you did something to it, right?
D : Nope. This is as is.
M : ….


Some people just don’t get it, do they?
It’s not about the clothes, it’s how you wear it.

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Apron Love

So I’m still stuck on that Orla Kiely yellow apron.

And I’ve been debating for years if I can gather enough guts to wear apron outside the kitchen. You know, sort of like a pinafore? The answer so far is still no (as if my current wardrobe hasn’t drawn enough head shakes already), but I often wonder if anyone else sees the possibility other than me.

I mean, look at this. Any unsuspecting eyes wouldn’t even tell that this is an apron, not a dress!



What about these from Anthropologie? Totally workable, right?



There is even a Flickr group called Apron Outfit! Hmmm. You know what, my office doesn’t exactly have a dress code…

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Oh, Dear!

It’s not everyday I found myself staring agape at the screen. But this one did it.




No, no. I’m not even talking about the clothes. The decor!

Copied from AT:

These amazing pictures are of a Chanel Runway for the 2009 spring and summer collection. The gorgeous white paper flower arrangements of roses, daisies, leaves, and petals decorated the massive columns and entryway staircase of the Cambon-Capucines Pavilion in Paris. They used 7000 handmade flowers and it took 4800 hours to put it all together. What a dramatic effect! On a smaller scale this could be a great way to decorate a dinning table or an entryway for a special occasion.










This makes the paper flowers on my window sill so pale in comparison =P

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Tentacley Jewelry

Blame it on the recent Pirates of The Caribbean DVD marathon that we did, but boy do I want these! (Both from OctopusMe.)

octopus earrings

octopus ring

I think I’d like 2 rings, one on each hand.
I would name one of them Kraken, and the other one… Takoyaki 😀
It’s too bad I’m allergic to silver, now isn’t it?

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#134. Snatched one of these Par Avion holiday 2008 collection from Kate Spade.

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